How to get rid of links

How to get rid of links

The advertizing links on the different websites redirecting the user on the websites of online stores and similar resources are usually executed in the form of bright colourful banners. Having clicked a banner, you follow the link. They very much distract, prevent to focus on something important, however it is possible to get rid of them.


1. Install the AdsCleaner program which blocks various advertisements included in URL and pop-up windows in the black list. Besides, AdsCleaner can destroy the declarations comprising threats for the computer of the user which can independently set the range of the application controls allowing to block harmful advertizing.

2. The AdsCleaner application, according to the settings set by the user can block either a banner, or that area of the page which is busy with a banner or the declaration with the predetermined text zone. Both the first, and second options are rather useful. However It should be noted that AdsCleaner is not only effective applications for advertizing blocking, but also the multifunction tool.

3. One more application – Add Cleaner Internet – also allows to get rid quickly of importunate banners with advertisements and to block malicious applications in the wide area network. Tests which were executed by means of function under the name InternetSoftReview showed high performance of the program and also the fact that it ensures safety of the computer connected to the Internet in the automatic mode, eliminates harmful advertizing and blocks pop-up windows.

4. It is possible fight against pop-up windows and all advertizing links also means of the browser used by you. This way consists in adding in the black list of different dangerous links and web pages. And this process is carried out constantly.

5. If it is necessary to get rid of advertizing in the emergency mode, click Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 keyboard shortcut. It will lead to closing of the browser, therefore, if at this time any harmful objects were loaded, their downloading will be interrupted.

6. You can disconnect pop-up windows and by means of a plug-in of Adblock Plus. This very useful plug-in will beforehand sort all list of the harmful websites and also will limit their access and will block any advertizing during all time spent on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team