How to get rid of spam in mail

How to get rid of spam in mail

According to the statistics 90% of all letters which go by e-mail worldwide are spam. It is not surprising that to get rid of importunate advertizing of such volumes not easy. Though there are certain solutions of a problem.

It is required to you

  • – coordinates of the service center of the mailbox;
  • – program for identification of spam.


1. Enter a mailbox and carefully study all letters which you suspect of spam. If your messages really have advertizing character, and you are sure that you did not subscribe to newsletter, then in a window of a mail service activate the Spam or Report about Spam function. She is supported in the majority of popular mail services. After that the security service of the portal will note this address and will carry out the analysis. If the fact of unauthorized distribution of advertizing materials is confirmed, then the mailbox will be blocked, and spam from this address will not appear any more.

2. Enable the Delete Spam Forever function if your mail service supports him. This function allows to blacklist contact and even if the status of the sender of spam will be disproved, then letters from this addressee will not be delivered in your mailbox. Along with it all letters of this sender which are stored in other folders of a mailbox are cleaned. In some mail services this function is called "Black list", however after its activation already received letters should be deleted manually.

3. Install an antispam program which allows to distinguish and liquidate spam before getting into the Entering folder. Such products are integrated directly with a mail service, and at detection of spam instantly blocks it. At the same time all suspicious letters will be stored in the folder specially allotted for this purpose. Modern vendors of software products provide the wide range of such programs which can also be acquired in a package of an antivirus. This way is especially convenient to users of email clients.

4. Use services an antispam services. They do not require installation on the software computer, and work on a subscription. For the rest their actions are absolutely identical an antispam programs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team