How to go on-line from the netbook

How to go on-line from the netbook

Internet connection from the netbook working running the Linux operating system or Windows is carried out in the same way, as well as from the normal laptop and therefore does not require explanations. But if on the netbook Android OS is installed, there are difficulties with connection of the 3G-modem to it.


1. Right after connection to the computer the modem begins to emulate the removable CD ROM drive. On this virtual disk the special program for service of the modem is located. It switches the device to the mode in which it works as the modem. Usually on it only the version of this program for Windows is written, but sometimes in addition to it also the version for Linux is attached. On the netbook from Android OS you will not be able to start either that, or other version of the program. Therefore connect the modem to the normal computer with Linux (in the presence of the corresponding version of the program) or Windows, start the program, find point allowing to turn off input of the PIN code then disconnect it in its menu if it it was not made earlier.

2. If the input mode of the PIN code is included, on a virtual disk of the modem the program only under Windows is written, and you have no computer working running this OS, temporarily rearrange the SIM card from the modem in phone. You will not be able to go on-line from phone with high probability as some of such cards have protection against use out of the modem. But here you will be able to turn off input of the PIN code, most likely, using for this purpose the corresponding menu item of the device. Having made it, rearrange the card back in the modem. At each shift deenergize both phone, and the modem.

3. If you need to enter an USSD command for connection of the unlimited Internet, make it along with execution of steps 1 or 2 (in the first case from the computer, in the second - from phone). With Android netbook it is impossible to enter such command. Remember that in roaming the Internet unlimited will not be all the same.

4. Connect the modem to the normal computer again. If it works running the Linux operating system, start in it the Minicom program and if running Windows - Hyper Terminal. In the first program as a name of port select / dev/ttyACM0, in the second - the name of the modem. Establish connection with the modem, and then give on it a command: AT^U2DIAG=0.

5. Close connection in the terminal program and switch-off the modem. Connect it again then make sure that it will not be recognized as the removable CD ROM drive any more.

6. Without connecting the modem to the netbook working running the Android operating system come into its menu and select the following item: "Settings" - "Wireless networks" - "Access points (APN)". Enter into it the settings recommended by the operator. Trace that in the name of access point there was no error. At it there shall be a word ""internet"".

7. Connect the device to the netbook working running the Android operating system. Reboot it. Then just start the browser and get to work on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team