How to grant access rights

How to grant access rights

If your computer is connected to a local area network, then you can grant access rights to other users to your resources. At the same time in the beginning it is recommended to customize a security system, and already then to open folders and disks. It will allow to secure your information against illegal access.


1. Customize a security system on your computer. Many advise to disable a firewall then quietly to open folders on access. It becomes because fayervoll blocks many computers trying to get access to your folders, including their harmful. However shutdown of protection is not a good solution as you thereby considerably facilitate work of possible malefactors. In this regard it is worth configuring a firewall and network services correctly.

2. Press the Start-up button and pass into the section "Control panel". Start settings of a firewall and activate the General Access to Files and Printers point to open on access TCP ports 139, TCP 445 and UDP 137-138. This function is activated usually automatically at the first opening in network of any folder of the computer, but it is better to execute it independently to avoid the conflict of the policy of a firewall and possible errors in protection work.

3. Open the section "Network services". For this purpose come into the Installation and Removal of Programs component and press the Windows Components button. In the opened window go to the Structure tab and note a tick the record "Peer-to-peer network". Press the Properties button and activate the Service of the General Access to Files and Printers function. Having performed these operations, you exclude further the errors connected with access rights.

4. Click with the right mouse button on the folder to which you want to grant access rights. Select the Properties item and go to the Access tab. Click "General Access". In a drop-down menu select the name of the user for which the folder opens.

5. If you want to provide access to resources to all net surfers, then select the All item. Click "Add". Below in a window the corresponding record will appear. Note the level of permissions and click "General Access". If the folder contains a large amount of information, then process can take some time. Wait for the termination and click "Is ready".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team