How to have the blog on twitter

How to have the blog on twitter

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Accounts in Twitter are available for a significant amount of the population of Earth which uses the Internet. Not all write there, not the microblog is popular with everyone, but it is known that all major world news appear the first in twitter, and already then in all other places. It is impossible to underestimate force of twitter simply.


Twitter it is impossible to call the full-fledged site for blogging more likely it microblogging is called. You have only 140 characters, and all the thoughts need to try to be packed into this small space. Not everyone can do it therefore some people popular in normal blogging suffer a defeat when maintaining twitter. Others, on the contrary, successfully cope with twitter, but cannot write long texts.

It is interesting that the news agencies studying how people perceive content on different sites on the Internet note that the link to a long research or analytics placed on Twitter collects more viewings and readings, than the similar reference placed in such social services as VKontakte or Facebook.


Rules of maintaining twitter

The first rule of twitter – it needs to be kept constantly, without throwing per day. Several posts in day – the optimum quantity, them should be not less than one. The activity such surely attracts followers – people who read you.

Ideally, it is necessary to publish short and capacious expressions which will be to the taste to public. Such twitter accounts are most popular, they quickly gather audience even if authors do not make special efforts for promotion.

If you understand that you write insufficiently popular content that people followed you just like that, that is and other ways of involvement of readers. Do retweets and add interesting users, and the audience will be created sooner or later. After a set of a certain number of readers, on condition of regular maintaining twitter, the number of subscribers will grow.

Do not forget to answer the readers. It is not obligatory to write everyone, but if about something ask you, to keep silent in reply impolitely.

Even if the purpose of an institution of twitter – earnings, then you do not hurry with it. First of all gain a large number of readers, and already then when them becomes valid much, you can publish advertizing posts occasionally. But be careful if there is too much them, people will cease to read you: around there is already too much advertizing.

Experiment with time of tweets. It is very important as very few people read the tape completely. Sometimes successful tweets vanish for nothing or do not fulfill the potential because they are seen by few people. Experiment and write the observations.

Be attentive to what you write. You have only 140 characters. Check the publications regarding spelling and punctuation errors. A microblogging format – the least official, but frankly illiterate expressions practically never appear in a top.

Do not clash with people. Even if you are sure that you are right, and the opponent oversteps the limits, try not to answer him or to agree with the person peacefully. Twitter – the public thing, and everything that you will tell in a fit of temper, can compromise you.

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