How to hide the address

How to hide the address

Each computer connected to the Internet has the IP - the unique network address. Sometimes the Internet user does not want information on its network address to be fixed in logs of the resources visited by it. In this case the protection methods allowing to hide the real address are applied.


1. IP is dynamic and static. In the first case at each connection to the Internet the new network address from among free at the moment is assigned to the computer. If someone wants to find you on it ah-p, then he will manage to recognize your provider only. The provider can issue information on the one who used this ip in such time only at the request of law enforcement agencies.

2. At static ah-p the situation is more difficult. Visiting websites, talking to forums, etc., you every time leave information on the address. Yours ah-p does not change therefore the malefactor, having recognized him, can methodically try to crack your computer. In this case concealment of ip becomes quite clear and justified action.

3. For concealment ah-p it is possible to use anonymizers (cgi proxy). It is simple to use the anonymizer: open its page, enter the address necessary to you into a form. There will be a transition to the specified address, at the same time the anonymizer becomes the intermediary between you and a browsed resource. Respectively, in logs of the visited resource there is ah-p an anonymizer address.

4. The second widespread option is use of proxy servers. The proxy server, as well as the anonymizer, becomes the intermediary between you and the visited pages. Having found a working proxy, register its address and port in settings of the browser. After that use the Internet the same as it is normal, at the same time all connections will go via the proxy server.

5. The third option: use the programs hiding ah-p the address. Examples of such programs are Tor, SocksChain (paid), JAP, Mask Surf. It is rather simple to use such programs – install the program on the computer, configure it. All connections will go through the proxy servers used by the program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team