How to hide the link under the text

How to hide the link under the text

It is necessary to hide the link for the text sometimes for giving to your document or the website of the best view, presentation. And the text should explain contents of the hidden link. For performing this operation there is very simple and clear tool: "Hyperlink insert".


1. If the document which you prepare opens in one of Microsoft Office applications, use the Insert a Hyperlink command. It is possible to make it, having passed on the way of "Menu" - "Insert" - "Hyperlink". The same result, but quicker, can be received, having clicked a left mouse button on the corresponding icon of a formatting toolbar.

2. The window in which it is necessary to fill the lines "Address" and "Text" will open. Specify the location of your link in the line "Address". If as the link you want to use the file located in one of folders of your computer select it, using the built-in conductor. Display text contents of the link in the line "Text". For example, referring to the website about dogs of a certain breed, it is possible to write "All about the Sheltie". Except the specified lines it is possible to fill the Hint field. Its contents will be displayed on the screen when targeting a mouse on the hyperlink created by you. Having filled all lines, click "OK". The hyperlink is created, in the document it will be displayed in blue color with underlining.

3. The similar algorithm of actions needs to be executed for a link insert under the text on pages of the website. Now, using the visual editor, it is not obligatory to be the expert on the HTML language at all and to independently enter commands in text contents of the page. In the menu of the editor there is an Insert a Hyperlink point (the icon on the panel is also very similar to described above – two links of a chain). Having selected this item from the menu or having clicked the corresponding icon, you will open the window similar to already described. Having filled values of the address, the text and the hint, you receive the necessary result. References on the page can be made as external (to other websites), and internal (links to the homepage of your website).

4. If nevertheless, for a number of reasons, you do not want to use the visual editor, edit page contents manually. The tag"" <a>"" is responsible for an insert of links (without spaces). The necessary record will look approximately so: All about the Sheltie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team