How to improve downloading speed

How to improve downloading speed

At net surfing the crucial role in saving of time is played by Internet connection speed. For improvement of speed of downloading you can use one of simple ways.



Speed of loading depends your data plan and also on extent of loading of the channel of the supplier of service of access to network. Improvement of speed is possible due to the maximum optimization of use in favor of the processes representing the highest precedence. Disconnect all programs which use the operating connection to network - messengers, download managers, torrents and web browsers. Use of the browser even is undesirable if you download the file through built in it a download manager. Open a tray and disconnect all programs which work at the moment in the background. Start a task manager and turn off all processes which have in the name ""update"" - these processes download updates, thereby loading the channel of access to network.

2. When using a download manager expose the maximum priority for downloadings. It will allow to eliminate restrictions on speed if those are available, and to use connection with network to the maximum. Downloading each file separately than downloading of several at the same time is preferable. For this purpose expose the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to unit.

3. Using a torrent, conform to those to the rules, as when using a download manager. The only addition is return speed limit as files which are downloaded at present, and the others. For the period of downloading it is necessary to expose the maximum speed of return to equal unit. Do not start third-party applications, such as messengers or download managers. Use of the browser can also slow down loading speed therefore its start is undesirable.

4. When downloading by means of the browser do not open new pages and whenever possible do not use other applications for which work the Internet is necessary. An important factor is also loading of the computer - the less you use it at the time of downloading, the more resources can be used ensuring correct work of the download manager who is built in the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team