How to improve reception of wi-fi

How to improve reception of wi-fi

Users of public networks of the WiFi and WiMax standards sometimes face fringe reception of a signal. It is possible to improve it, using the special self-made antenna, or having changed position of the module.


1. When using the external WiFi or WiMax module connected to the computer via the USB connector try to attach it to the machine not directly, and via the special extender of several meters. It should conform to requirements of the USB 2.0 standard, otherwise speed automatically will be considerably reduced. By practical consideration pick up such position of the module at which reception will be the steadiest.

2. It is possible to be connected at distance to WiFi-networks only if they not only public, but also are specially intended for this purpose (for example, paid network Beeline WiFi). To the free networks designed for use only indoors (shopping center, restaurant, cafe), it is possible to be connected only being in the territory of the corresponding institution. Certainly, it is possible to be connected at distance to networks of the WiMax standard. In order that to make it, it is necessary not only to take out the module outside on a long USB cable, but also to supply it with the directed parabolic reflector. Requirements to it are imposed much lower, than, say, to reflectors of television satellite antennas. Namely, it can not have the ideal parabolic form. Try to use as that a normal metal basin, the round sledge of an old design. Place the module as it is possible closer to estimated focus of the reflector. Designs in which as reflectors the Chinese frying pans (woks) are used carry the name ""WokFi"". If position of the base station is known to you, direct the antenna to it if is not present, define the optimum direction of the antenna by practical consideration.

3. If you live in the reinforced concrete building, remember that signals of WiFi and WiMax are weakened by metal rods in plates much stronger, than signals of GSM and CDMA. Take out the module on the glazed balcony - there it, on the one hand, will steadily work, and with another - not to be affected by an atmospheric precipitation. However, hard frosts can influence it and in this case that is undesirable.

4. If you use the WiFi-device having the built-in module, but supplied with the slot for the external antenna use that. There are many designs of ready and self-made WiFi - and WiMax-antennas. The most widespread of them is self-made ""Cantenna"".

5. At last, if your device has neither no removable WiFi - or the WiMax-module, nor the slot for the external antenna, but is portable (for example, it is the smartphone), just try to find the place where reception of a signal is the best in the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team