How to improve wifi reception

How to improve wifi reception

A huge number of users refused the wire Internet in favor of Wi-fi technologies. Even some owners of computers prefer to use Wi-Fi the adapter to get rid of network cables.

It is required to you

  • indoor antenna, USB extender.


1. There are several ways to improve quality of Wi-fi of a signal. It concerns not only routers, but also that equipment which accepts a signal. The fact is that the majority of Wi-fi of routers and similar it devices possess very poor cover zone. Sometimes it is not enough even for the house of the average sizes.

2. If you need to provide a qualitative signal in the large territory, then it is the most reasonable to use several routers for achievement of this purpose. They can be integrated among themselves, having achieved thereby creation of several access points. At the same time you will still use only one cable of connection with the Internet.

3. If this option does not suit you, try to increase an adapter Wi-Fi cover zone. For this purpose replace its antenna (antennas). Find its better analog or strengthen the antenna independently. Pick up the equipment by means of which you will increase the antenna. Will be suitable for these purposes both a normal piece of a wire, and the small indoor antenna.

4. Ideally it is necessary to use the web antenna. Remove a part of a protective layer of the antenna of the router. Solder a metal wire to the bared part. Connect its second end to a grid of the indoor antenna. Such method allows to strengthen a signal for 20-30%. Along with it you have an opportunity to hide Wi-Fi the router, without losing at the same time signal quality.

5. If you wish to strengthen Wi-Fi reception of the USB adapter, you need the extender. Most often system units remove under a table or remove in hard-to-reach spots. Naturally, the level of reception of a signal in such places will be not the best. Buy the USB extender of the necessary size. Connect it to the computer and thrust in it Wi-Fi the adapter. Place the adapter on open space, for example, put it on a table.

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