How to include a context menu

How to include a context menu

The context menu (English context menu) is a component of the graphic interface of the used program. This menu, as a rule, opens when clicking the right mouse button, the user usually has no opportunity to include it or to disconnect. Nevertheless, users of Windows have an opportunity to add new points to a context menu.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - editor of the register


1. Take into consideration that adding in a context menu of additional points increases usability of the operating system. For example, you can add to it points from "Control panel" or the programs which are most often used by you. In this case for opening of the necessary program to you will be to click enough the right mouse button on a desktop and to select the necessary line.

2. Look at information on lines of a context menu in the system registry. To open it, enter in the command line ("Start-up – to Execute") the regedit command and click OK. Then find the section HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDesktopBackgroundShell. Now you can add information on a new menu item – for example, let it will be standard "Notepad" of Windows.

3. Select with a mouse the section of Shell, then click it the right mouse button and select the Create — the New Section item. There will be a line of the new section, replace its name with Notepad. Click the created section the right mouse button and select "Create – Line parameter". In the right part of a window of the editor there will be a new line, call it MUIVerb. Double-click this line with a mouse, enter in the Value field the name of a new line of the menu – "Notepad".

4. Make sure that the line of the menu is created, having clicked with the right mouse button from scratch of a desktop – in a context menu there was a line "Notepad". But when clicking it there will be an error message as the command of start of the program is not compared to this line yet.

5. In the editor of the register click with the right mouse button the section Notepad and select "Create – the Section". Call the created section Command. In the right part of a window double-click a line "By default" and enter the notepad.exe command into the line "Value". The point should not be at the end.

6. Close the editor, click with a mouse in any place of a desktop – in a context menu there is a Notepad point. Select it, the text editor will open. In the same way you can add start of any programs to the menu. But if the added program is not in the Windows directory, it is necessary to you in the section Command, in the line "Value", to register to it a full path.

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