How to include a proxy in Opera

How to include a proxy in Opera

In certain cases creation of connection with the Internet requires inclusion and setup of the mode of the proxy server. The majority of programs which are created for net surfing the Internet is supplied with this mode, web browsers not an exception.


1. On the example of the Opera browser it is possible to show how to connect the option "Proxy server", in other browsers the setup becomes similarly, considering only different names of menu items. First of all, you need to install this program. Since Opera is the free software, download it from the official site. Installation of this utility does not require any profound knowledge, besides, how to press Next, "Install" and "Is ready".

2. Start of the program is carried out by double click of the left mouse button on an icon on a desktop. Also the program opens through the Start menu: in the opened list click the Programs point, then click Opera label. At the first start the window of check of the browser by default will appear. Since you only set this browser, the program by default for Internet pages it cannot be therefore click "Yes" if you want to make Opera the browser by default or No button otherwise.

3. Further you will see a window in which it is desirable to note the top point "Continue from the Place of Separation" and to constantly select it - this setup will allow you to restore tabs which were open until an output from the program.

4. Click the top Tools menu, in the opened list select the Setup item or click the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F12.

5. In the opened window pass to In the addition bookmark. In the left part of a window click "Network" the subsection, and in the right part click "Proxy servers".

6. In the opened Proxy servers window it is necessary to fill the following fields: HTTP (HTTPS), FTP, Gopher and WAIS. In spite of the fact that you can not know names of some points, fill all fields, having taken data from the printout made by support desk of provider (these proxy servers). After data entry click "OK". The proxy server is configured, but not switched on yet.

7. For its inclusion key F12 in a main window of the program, in the opened context menu give a mark opposite to the Turn on Proxy Servers point.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team