How to include a rain in Minecraft

How to include a rain in Minecraft

"Майнкрафт" is the game sandbox created a few years ago by the unique developer and which became today extremely popular. The whole world of Maynkraft consists of cubes which can be broken and then to build something of them. As well as in any other world, there are conditions, features, rules and even various weather here. For example, some players are irritated by a rain as because of it on weak computers a game "brakes". The same who has a powerful computer, on the contrary, want to know how to include a rain.

General information

The rain in Minecraft is the weather phenomenon which is followed by the various processes and effects influencing the world of a game. Among effects it is possible to select the most explicit — the water particles falling on the Earth's surface, a special soundtrack (sometimes thunder sounds), etc. The rain was added to Minecraft in version 1.5 Beta.


The rain works both in version singleplayer, and in multiplayer. It can be seen being on a silver platter in that place where there are no obstacles in the form of blocks. This phenomenon does not influence game process at all. When the rain drop hits against the block, animation of splashes is reproduced. That a game was not loaded once again, and together with it and the computer, a rain is not extended to all card.


Inclusion or switching off of a rain

There are moments when the rain disturbs or on the contrary, is necessary. For management of weather there are special commands. For example, having made team/weather sun 100000 you will remove a rain for very long time. Command/weather rain 100000 can include a rain for long time.

The digital value can be regulated on the discretion, besides it is possible to use command/weather rain 1 which will include a rain only for very short time. The rain or snow still is switched off or joins command/toggledownfall.

Influence on the world

The water which is on a silver platter leads to soaking of wolves, suppression of fire on moba and a surface (except fire of an infernal stone), to moistening of beds. In addition, thanks to a rain the chance to hook fish in reservoirs increases. The rain is capable to get only of the surfaces located under the open sky horizontally and in any way differently.

From a rain the burning arrows go out, the Enderman receives a loss, the snow golem also ifrit. And the Wanderer constantly teleports, as a result perishing. Seldom he manages to hide under something and to survive.

The torch which is installed on the block or is in the player's hands, is not extinguished by a rain. Still the rain is powerless before a lava, but is capable to put out fire on a surface (except fire of an infernal stone). New moba in the rain do not spaunitsya, but also old do not burn in the afternoon (as it usually happens) as the rain interferes with it.

In the world of Minecraft there are several types a biome. In in what high temperature of air (desert), the rain is impossible. At the same time the rain is capable to fall of the sand, for example, which is on the beach, but only if it is not a desert biome. It is often possible to see lightnings during a rain and to hear thunder peals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team