How to include acceleration of textures

How to include acceleration of textures

High-quality display of graphics and update rate of textures at approach of the camera to an object (for example, in a game) often depends on whether acceleration of textures of AGP is included. Include acceleration of textures if problems are not connected with the built-in video card, "freshness" of drivers or in principle lack of DirectX, it is possible for several seconds.


1. From the Start-up menu bar call the Execute command, having left-clicked on the corresponding line. In a dialog box enter in the field the dxdiag command without spaces and without quotes. Click "OK" that using diagnostic aids of Microsoft DirectX to collect data on components and to reveal faults.

2. Wait until data collection is completed, and go to the Display tab. If the monitors connected to the computer a little, select from tabs necessary for you ("Display 1" and "Display 2" respectively).

3. In the section "Possibilities of DirectX", located in the central part of a window, select the line "Acceleration of Textures of AGP". If acceleration is turned off, to the right of an inscription the mark "Unavailable" will be to melt, the Include button more to the right is located. Left-click on it.

4. In the appeared window with the notification that use of AGP port (Accelerated Graphics Port) for all devices of a system which support him will be included confirm inclusion of textures, having left-clicked on the OK button.

5. Close a window DirectX diagnostic aids, having left-clicked on the Output button or having clicked on the X icon in the window upper right corner.

6. At the same time make sure that at you all parameters of acceleration are included. For this purpose click with the right mouse button in any free part of a desktop and open a window "Properties: The screen", having clicked at line "Properties" in a drop-down menu with any mouse button. Go to the Parameters tab and click In the addition button.

7. The window "Properties will open: module of connection of the monitor and <name of your video card>". Go in this window to the Diagnostics tab and install "slider" in the partition "Hardware acceleration" into a maximum (that is against the stop to the right). Click "Apply", close windows.

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