How to include dhcp the server

How to include dhcp the server

To have an opportunity to communicate between two or more computers, it is necessary to integrate them physically in network in the wireless or wire way, having assigned everyone a unique address. The DHCP service allows to make it.


1. Open any browser. Enter the characters representing the standard address for network devices in an address bar. Make sure that the network cable is connected on the one hand to the network interface card of your computer, and with another - to the router.

2. Try to look for the login and the password in documentation to the router if the message that the standard password is not accepted appears. Alternatively find a small opening on the back panel with the inscription Reset and a long thin subject press the button inside. So you install factory defaults and will be able to use the standard password.

3. Find the reference to NetworkSettings or the section LAN. Different vendors provide own names, but at least one option of network is mentioned surely. The mouse pointer select the necessary section and find the submenu including on the DHCP router, for example, of DHCP settings or DHCP service.

4. Note a tick the Enable DHCP server point. Below it there are two fields where it is necessary to specify the IP addresses valid for your network, for example, - It will allow you to limit the number of single users of Internet resources. Via the wireless router it is possible to specify only two addresses, for example, for your mobile phone and the laptop that is the easiest way of protection of connection.

5. Select the field which is designated as GatewayAdress or DefaultGateway. Select the address for a network gateway (IP address) which will become "gate" in the Internet for each of the connected computers. Most often it same, as well as router address:

6. Save the results, having pressed in the lower part of the page the Save button, and then having clicked the next Save/Reboot button. So you reboot the router in order that changes took effect.

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