How to include superstructures in the Explorer

How to include superstructures in the Explorer

Superstructures of Internet Explorer add different features. To them the additional toolbars, blocking of pop-up windows treat with advertizing, exchange tickers, the animated mouse pointers, etc.


1. To include superstructures in the Internet Explorer program browser, start the observer.

2. Click "Service", in the appeared tab select the section "Management of Superstructures" and click "Inclusion and shutdown of superstructures". You will see the new dialog box "Viewing and Management of Internet Explorer Superstructures".

3. In the Show list click the Superstructures command used by Internet Explorer to show all superstructures.

4. Select that superstructure which you want to add and click "Include". Repeat this action for each included superstructure. Then click "OK".

5. If you want to disconnect temporarily superstructures of the observer of Internet Explorer, click the Start-up button on the computer, select "All programs", then "Standard", further "Office" and "Internet Explorer without superstructures".

6. Again to return to an initial status, follow the above instruction for inclusion of superstructures.

7. To browse the superstructures sorted by different categories, start the observer and open with the above way the Viewing and Management of Internet Explorer Superstructures window.

8. To display the superstructures necessary for the flowing or recently viewed page click "The superstructures loaded into Internet Explorer".

9. If you want to display the superstructures which are previously approved by Microsoft corporation, the supplier of service or the manufacturer of the computer click "Superstructures which start does not require permission".

10. To browse only the 32-bit ActiveX controls, click on "The loaded ActiveX 32 elements".

11. If the superstructure causes malfunctions in work of Internet Explorer, try to update it. Disconnect a superstructure, then contact on a website from which it was loaded. Make sure whether existence of a superstructure for visit of a website is required. If application of a superstructure on a website is obligatory or allows to improve results of net surfing, include a superstructure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team