How to include vote

How to include vote

Now it is very frequent at forums, the websites and polls on various subjects occur in blogs. By their results it is possible to see and evaluate visually opinion of most of visitors of a resource on any problem. Also votes help to select winners in competitions.


1. To include vote on the website, create the table of possible answers in the database with fields: id - a unique identifier of the possible answer; variant - the text of the possible answer; count_vote - the number of the users who selected this possible answer.

2. Receive from users from the id form possible answers. Then count number of votes at record with the received id, increase result by unit and enter back.

3. Create a form of vote and you will bring results to the HTML page.

4. If on the website where you have rights of the administrator, vote is initially provided, then that to include it, enter settings. Find the Include Vote on the Website parameter and check near the answer "Yes".

5. To make vote at a forum, create a new subject. Then find the additional option "Add Poll", and in it - the necessary number of possible answers. Click "Create a subject" and on the following page edit fields of poll.

6. If you want to create vote in the blog on the WordPress engine, then download one of the plug-ins suitable for this engine. After its installation in the menu the new Polls point should appear. Click a mouse on the link Add Poll, in the appeared field write your question and possible answers to it.

7. To include vote on "@dnevnik", come into the blog, find the list of settings the entitled "My diary" and click a line "New record".

8. In the bottom of the appeared field messages over the Send button find the option "Vote" and a mouse check nearby. Fields for a question and answers will open. You can select both simple, and multiple vote.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team