"How to increase a font in ""Skype"""

"How to increase a font in ""Skype"""

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Many users of the Skype program do not accept the fact that a font by means of which correspondence in a chat - too small is displayed. Fortunately, font size can be increased in settings of the program.

Skype application is intended for video calls and text correspondence. If in respect of video to Skype there are no claims, then concerning a text chat the users of Skype often complain that in the program too small print. If the long time fixedly to peer into small letters, it is possible to earn disorder of sight.


We increase font size


Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase font size in Skype. For this purpose it is enough to open the panel of settings of the program. Click in the top menu on "Tools", select the Setup item and press the Change a Font button. Before you the window with settings of a font will open - there it is possible to specify the desirable headset, font size and to select between normal, bold and italic outline.


In case of the Mac OS operating system the font size in Skype can be changed, having used the hot keys. Cmd combination + increases font size, and the combination of Cmd-reduces. That the text in a chat was displayed by a font by default, it is enough to click Cmd0.

Pay attention that Skype allows to change settings only for a font by means of which messages in a chat are displayed directly. The possibility of change of a font of other elements of the interface of the program (the contact list, etc.) is not provided by Skype developers.

Size variation of a font for the contact list

If at you on the computer the Windows 7 operating system is installed, then the problem with a small print in the contact list of Skype can be solved as follows. Click on the Desktop with the right mouse button, select in a context menu the Personalisation item, then - "Screen" and "Other font size". After that you will need only to remove a tick which costs opposite to the Use Scales in Windows XP Style point.

Hidden opportunities of Skype

In addition to cunnings with a font of messages in a chat, in the Skype program there are also other hidden opportunities. For example, everyone knows - if in a window of a chat the writing pencil is shown, so your interlocutor types the message. But if at a set of the message it is consecutive to click three any keys (they should not be located the friend near the friend), then your vis-a-vis instead of the writing pencil will see the walking cat. If instead of a set of the message quickly to key in a chaotic order, your interlocutor will see how the writing pencil breaks in half.

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