How to increase downloading speed from the Internet

How to increase downloading speed from the Internet

When using the Internet, we often download files from network. They can be various character: movies, archives, programs and music, but we want from all loadings the same - that they downloaded quicker. To increase downloading speed, it is enough to follow several simple recommendations. They are based on increase in resources of the canal of access which are given to downloadings, and minimization of other resources.


1. Use only torrents and special menezhder of downloadings when you need to download the file. These programs have no ability to increase speed of the channel, but they can use it at full capacity. For each of them there are ways of increase in speed of downloading, but in one they match: for increase in speed of one downloading it is necessary to suspend all others which are conducted at present.

2. When downloading files minimize the activity on the Internet which uses the browser. Close all windows and tabs and do not start the browser, downloading will not end yet.

3. If you use a download manager, surely trace that only that file which is necessary to you now downloaded. Expose the maximum priority for the current downloading.

4. If you decided to use a torrent client, configure it so that the number of simultaneous connections was maximum, and the number of simultaneous loadings and distributions equaled to unit. Expose the maximum priority of use of the channel of Internet access then reduce return speed to one kilobit per second.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team