How to increase hosts

How to increase hosts

One of the most important indicators in statistics of the website is the host which is defined by separate computers from which the website is visited by visitors. For increase in this indicator of attendance and a raising of your resource in the rating of search engines it is necessary to execute a number of measures for optimization of the website.


1. Optimize the website under search queries. Implementation of this point allows to increase considerably transition of visitors from search engines which make, as a rule, the main share of traffic. For definition of a semantic kernel it is possible to use the special software on promotion of the websites or services of services for advance.

2. Work over content of your resource. It should be unique therefore just you should not copy articles from other sources. Also you should not publish all articles in one day at once. Expand subject of the website to increase a kernel of regular customers, and alternate releases of thematic pages and subjects of articles.

3. Increase hosts at the expense of services for search of pictures. If to view statistics of attendance, then it is possible to pay attention that many visitors come through such resources as Yandex. Pictures and Google Images. In this regard it is recommended to increase traffic from pictures. Under each of them do the detailed description consisting of key phrases and specify the sizes.

4. Place advertizing about the website at thematic forums, blogs or other websites. Write interesting comments in which unostentatiously insert the link to your website. At the same time it is worth being rather careful and to be zealous not strongly not to get to the ban sheet.

5. Create own mailing on subject of the website. It is also possible to find the given-up mailing and to get permission to its release. In this case you receive several subscribers at once. This stage is rather laborious and requires high-quality work.

6. Register the website in different ratings, directories and tops. At the same time your place in the list will depend directly on the number of visits. In this regard it should be added the resource to similar services only when you already have a certain constant flow of visitors which will allow you to hold worthy position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team