How to increase java memory

How to increase java memory

In some phones it is possible to observe such situation as assignment of bigger memory size for media pictures, video and audio, and selection of extremely small memory size for java. It is possible to increase memory of Java when using one of simple methods.


1. If the volume allotted under Java applications is fixed and does not depend on the place taken by media resources, the only way of release of the place is disposal of standard games and applications. Try to delete them manually. For this purpose select standard games and applications and press the delete button. In case of failure you pass to the following step.

2. Synchronize your phone with the computer. For this purpose you will need date cable and also a disk with drivers. Both you should find in a set of delivery cellular, in a case if it not so, then you should download drivers from the official site of vendor of the device, and date cable to buy separately. Install drivers then connect phone to the computer, using date cable. Make sure that the device is identified, and the software is started and "sees" phone.

3. Try to delete manually files from memory of phone via the computer. For this purpose select java of a game and the applications and press the Delete button. If you fail, create the files of the same name with the same expansion (jar), but the weighing no more than one kilobyte. After that copy them to the place of standard games and applications with replacement.

4. You can also reflash your phone. For this purpose connect it to the computer as it was described in step No. 3 and start the software for a refirmware. Quite often on the fan websites mobile it is possible to find the firmwares containing a minimum of factory files for ensuring the largest number of free space in memory of phone. Carry out a refirmware only if at the website there is a detailed instruction. Not otklyuchayt phone from the computer, and before the procedure take care of a total charge of the battery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team