How to increase quantity of cells for the opera

How to increase quantity of cells for the opera

Opera is a software package which is created by the Opera Software company. In the browser there is a set of useful functions, for example, the express panel. Often visited sites in special cells allow to save settings.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - Opera browser.


1. The express panel improves navigation and simplifies work, and the number of web applications can be configured. Keep in mind, process of setup depends on the installed version of the browser. For example, starting with version 10.0, this function is available in the express panel, and it is necessary to tinker with versions 9.5 below.

2. So, to change the express panel in Opera 9.5, - find a root folder of the program in some earlier versions. Look how the folder path looks, having opened the Help tab, and then a line "About the program". Find the speeddial.ini file in the Opera profile folder. Before you begin to make changes the browser close.

3. If you do not know where to find the folder with the installed program - try to open search in the operating system and to enter speeddial.ini. The file needs to be edited - click on it the right mouse button and open in any text editor, for example, a notepad.

4. Find a line [Size] in the opened file if it is absent – enter. Below, in a column, add values which will be responsible for quantity of cells, for example, of Rows=4 Columns=4. Rows is quantity of the elements located in horizontal direction, and Columns – in vertical direction. Numerical values can be changed, for convenience, consider the monitor sizes. Save changes, and close the file. Then start the browser and evaluate the received result if something was not pleasant - enter other values to the speeddial.ini file.

5. Starting with the version of browser 10.0, settings on change of quantity of cells are taken out on the express panel. Open the browser, click "Configure the Express Panel" and select quantity of elements. Keep in mind, at these settings there are restrictions set by developers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team