How to increase quantity of feasts

How to increase quantity of feasts

The question of increase in quantity of feasts is relevant in two cases. First, if you create distribution and wish that your file was received by as much as possible visitors of the tracker. Secondly, if you download a torrent, and you need high speed. The more feasts, the more fragments of the file are duplicated in network, and the downloading is more stable.


1. As it is possible describe the file in more detail, supply it with a beautiful screenshot to attract users to your torrent. Even if the file very necessary and rare, people most often do not download it if the description muffledly, and the screenshot of poor quality or is absent. However, you should not go too far too, the text of the description should not remind spam "letters of happiness".

2. Try to advertize the distribution, give the reference to a torrent at thematic forums, tell about it on social networks, such as VKontakte, "Schoolmates", "My world", Twitter. It is possible that your adherents and friends will be glad to this distribution, sidam will become new feasts and subsequently.

3. Report about a torrent to friends who, perhaps, would become interested in the file. With it you will be helped by ICQ, the Agent, e-mail, even mailing of SMS and phone calls. The learns people about the file more, the more often it will be downloaded, and the downloading speed at each specific user will be higher.

4. If you became interested in any torrent, ask people on the tracker longer to stay on distribution. New feasts attracts a large number of sid. This statement is fair and provided that the file was "uploaded" by you. Ask to distribute sid the file longer it is possible even in process drawing up the description to a torrent.

5. If you did not create distribution, and only downloaded a torrent, do not hurry to delete it from the client after completion of work. Thereby you will upgrade the rating in network. And, besides, you will give the chance to download the file to bigger number of people. The exception is made by a situation when you use the mobile Internet with limited traffic. In this case you will not be able to afford such luxury.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team