How to increase quantity of windows in the express panel

How to increase quantity of windows in the express panel

Windows in the express panel of the Opera web browser are popular with its many users. With its help it is possible to add only once the address of often visited page and for the following input it is enough to left-click according to the image of a page. This service was pleasant to much, but over time free windows in the panel came to an end. It appears, in settings of a configuration of many browsers there is point of increase in these windows.

It is required to you

  • Web browsers Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


1. In Opera it is possible to increase quantity of free windows editing the speeddial.ini configuration file. Before editing this file it is necessary to close the browser. This file can be found to address C: / Documents and Settings/Polzovatel/Application Data/Opera/Opera/profile. Find in it the next lines and if there are no such, add them:
Rows= x
Columns= x
Instead of a x character it is necessary to enter the value. If you deliver to Rows=4, and Columns=4, as a result you receive a grid from 16 windows in the express panel. If the value is equal to 5, therefore, there will be 25 windows, etc. The more you will specify value, the less by the size there will be windows.

2. Do not forget that this file it is necessary to save and close it. For check of the made changes start the browser.

3. In the Google Chrome browser the present possibility is quite badly implemented since windows in the express panel have no settings. It is possible to correct this problem by means of the Speed Dial application.

4. After installation of this expansion the express panel automatically increases to 12 free windows. But 12 windows for many users Internet quite small quantity therefore in settings of expansion it is possible to expose value equal to the 81st.

5. Also this addition allows to edit not only each window, but also the page of quick access in general, managing the search engine set by default.

6. In the Firefox browser there is no express panel, this addition was given other name – visual bookmarks. Their quantity is also limited. For editing value of visual bookmarks it is necessary to open the new page and to the search string to enter the about:config command, then having clicked Enter.

7. In the opened window to right-click and choose the new command, select string from a context menu. Set a name of the yasearch.general.ftab.settings setup without quotes and expose the following value: {""rows"": 5, ""cols"": 5 }. Rows and cols values – quantity of lines and columns.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team