How to increase speed when downloading

How to increase speed when downloading

Many Internet service providers promise the high speed of loading, trouble-free access to network and the round-the-clock user support at connection to network. In practice these conditions are met not always. But if nothing can be done with access and support, then the speed of loading can be increased, and sometimes many times over.

It is required to you

  • The computer or the cell phone, access to the Internet, the browser, the program a boot manager (built in some browsers)


1. Before loading close all multimedia programs on the computer, switch off the player of movies, music, do not play computer games. If you at the same time use several browsers for Internet connection, leave included only that from them which carries out downloading.

2. Load files by means of the special network protocol — BitTorrent. Each torrent-client, downloading lines, at the same time transfers them to other torrent-clients. That is data loading is made not from one server, and from a set of computers of regular users.

3. Acquire the paid account on file servers. It will give the chance to download information with maximum speed.

4. Use the proxy server compressing traffic (the downloaded files are missed via the special server compressing the downloaded graphic and text files for 50 - 70%). Image quality at the same time suffers, but speed increases several times. Proxy servers are not suitable for downloading of media files (music, video).

5. Use special programs which allow to extort information necessary to you quicker. These are the so-called managers of downloading supporting multiple connections. Such technology allows to download the file from several channels at the same time thanks to what the speed of downloading increases several times.

6. Specify a possibility of increase in speed of loading at provider. Perhaps, transition to a new data plan where higher data transmission rate is provided for this purpose will be required. It will not be obligatory to be of the high-speed Internet more expensive than slow connection, especially in the large cities where the competition between providers is big and it it is necessary to fight for each new subscriber.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team