How to increase the mailbox size

How to increase the mailbox size

Many letters which are extremely necessary for you are stored in your e-mail and you cannot delete them? But at the same time you understand that time will once come, and your email will not be able to save all volume of the obtained and sent information. Do not worry about it: if necessary the box can be "stretched".


1. Bottomless e-mail does not happen. To all there is a reasonable limit. However it is possible "to pump up" a box a little. As a rule, after registration in e-mail the user receives mail with the set volume. In each email the size, it is normal from hundred megabytes to ten gigabytes.

2. Function of increase in volume of a mailbox is present practically at all resources. The swappings procedure of mail is almost identical. Though the differences are available too.

3. For example, on Rambler the box, with a capacity of 200 megabytes is provided to the user at once. But at once it cannot be increased. The fact is that it is only possible to add the size of mail after the box together with accepted, sent, a basket, draft copies and spam is filled for 90 percent. When in mail there are ten percent of free space, the box can be increased, having pressed the corresponding button in the Setup menu. At the left in the list of possible functions, select the Box Size item then pass to the option "Increase".

4. Really dimensionless box can be created on Yandex service. Originally Yandex provides to the user mail with a capacity of 10 gigabytes. In the subsequent when in a box there are free less than two hundred megabytes, it will increase the volume. At the same time the user does not need to make any efforts. As required the box will be will increase automatically by one gigabyte. The user needs to be authorized and come into the web interface of this mail service only regularly.

5. There is no bottomless box and on the server. But it is possible to increase it too. Come into the Setup menu. It opens at click by a mouse on the Still point. Then select in the list at the left in the opened page the section "Mailbox Volume". Follow the link and click "Increase". Pay attention that it is possible "to pump up" the size only provided that you reached a limit, and at you remained free less than 100 megabytes. After that it will be possible to increase volume by two gigabytes.

6. Similar opportunities of increase are given also by other electronic servers. Actions of the user practically do not differ from the procedure of increase on the services described in this article.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team