How to increase the rating of Torrents

How to increase the rating of Torrents

The rating of Torrents - the relation of amount of the given information to accepted through Torrent. If you downloaded much and distributed a little, then your rating goes down, you lose a possibility of downloading, and there is a question how to upgrade the rating.


1. Take into account that the fastest way to increase the rating of Torrents is to put on distribution the file which is not on this website, for example, a video of a concert of the Tomsk rock group or the new video tutorial on karate yet. However, to make it it is rather difficult as a concert not of the really famous rock group is not enough who will download, and from it your rating will not increase, and the first should manage to upload new video.

2. The second way to increase the Torrents-rating is to download the widespread program, for example, of CCleaner, or the famous movie which is still popular, for example, "The Caucasian captive". You will earn from distribution to yourself high rating.

3. If your rating is so small that hardly allows you to download, and you need to restore it quickly, use in a different way which, however, will demand time. So, stock up with patience and begin to monitor couple of partitions into Torrents for the purpose of fast detection of new distribution. It is the best of all to do it in the section of movies as there CamRips of just released movies constantly give all the best. And the number of persons interested to download new is always high.

4. Having found fresh distribution with the movie, start Torrent and begin to download the necessary file.

5. When about 25-40% of video download, limit speed on a gallop. For example, in the uTorrent program it can be done, having right-clicked on the bottom panel where there is an inscription "Reception", and having selected the lowest speed.

6. Do the same with the Return field, having selected the Neogranicheno item.

7. Now expect when ratio passes for unit.

8. One more way to upgrade the rating of Torrents is to use kindness of the friend who has a high speed of reception of information. Download the Torrent-file and ask the friend to load and begin to distribute downloaded gigabytes from your name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team