How to increase the speed of loading of the blog by Wordpress

How to increase the speed of loading of the blog by Wordpress

Today one of the most popular platforms for blogging is Wordpress. Many people who keep a diary on this engine after a while face decline in production and increase in load time of the page. Councils by means of which you can accelerate the blog by 2-3 times are given below.

It is required to you

  • - The FTP client (it is desirable, FileZilla);
  • - Text editor with HTML-syntax illumination;


1. By means of service find out the current speed of loading. For this purpose in the website field enter the address of the blog and trace that in both bottom margins there was a value 5.

2. First of all, what it is necessary to make - to check parameters of the hosting: version of RNR, amount of databases, volume of disk space. Many users long time use one rate (as a rule, one of the cheapest) and forget that it is not rubber. Therefore if you noticed that your hosting ceased to cope with loading, it is worth thinking of transition to more powerful rate.

3. Attentively view the list of the installed plug-ins. As a rule eventually the quantity of plug-ins grows, and among them come across unnecessary, installed accidentally or simply not used. Often any plug-in is the reason of slow loading of the website.

4. It is possible to pay attention that when writing (editing) of article of the blog WordPress does automatic saving (audits). They in addition load your blog. Disconnect them. For this purpose, by means of the ftp-client find the config.php file and open it the text editor. It is necessary to register lines in it:
define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);
define ('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 0);

5. Many WordPress templates use bulky sheets of styles which are long loaded. It is necessary to optimize them. First of all make the backup copy. Then pass to the website, load the leaf of styles (style.css) and click "Organize CSS". The old leaf of styles needs to be replaced received.

6. It is necessary to transfer scripts from a cap (header.php) to the basement of the website (footer.php). Find the code locations concluded between tags in the first file and cut them in the second file. It will a little accelerate loading of pages.

7. Install the following plug-ins: Hyber Cache, Optimize BD, DB Cache Reloaded. They will help to reduce load time of the blog significantly.

8. Take measures for protection of your blog from spam attacks. Spam bots create huge load of the server that will hit website speed hard.

9. If you use Adobe Photoshop, then save pictures for the blog by means of function "Save for Web". It will allow to reduce the size of the loaded images that will lower additional loading.

10. Again pass to the website and compare the speed of loading of the blog before performing optimizing actions. Often it is possible to achieve 2-3-fold acceleration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team