How to increase the speed of the cable Internet

How to increase the speed of the cable Internet

Use of a dedicated line of access to network is the most favorable option of access to network - you have an opportunity to connect an unlimited data plan with a high speed. For its maximizing you can use one of simple options.


1. At implementation of web surfing it is necessary to optimize the programs existing in the background in the active or passive mode - a torrent clients, download managers and also antiviruses, messengers and other applications which can affect connection to network. Disconnect programs which are on Explorer bars and also which are in a tray. Check their shutdown by means of a task manager. Besides, open a tab with processes and disconnect those, kotor contain the word update in the name - at present they download updates. For maximizing speed of loading of the page you can turn off loading of such elements as pictures and applications - in this case pages will weigh nearly two-three times less and quicker to be loaded.

2. If you load the file by means of the browser, it is necessary to close all windows besides in which loading is carried out. Besides, adhere to the recommendations stated in the previous step and do not start the programs using access to network before completion of loading of the file.

3. When using the manager for loadings configure the program in such a way that the number of simultaneous loadings will be equal to unit, and the priority of downloadings in it before other processes will be maximum. Adhere to the recommendations stated in the first step. Do not download more than one file at the same time for maximizing speed of loading.

4. For ensuring maximum speed when using a torrent client it is necessary to install the maximum priority for the operating downloadings. Besides, set restriction on return to one kilobit per second. Disconnect the programs involving connection to network and do not start them before completion of downloading. If it is necessary to load one file with maximum speed, suspend all other loadings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team