How to increase the speed of the Internet Beeline

How to increase the speed of the Internet Beeline

The mobile Internet from Beeline - an excellent output for those who need to connect to the web, being in a business trip or on the way. Rather low speed can appear the only shortcoming, but it is easily reparable.


1. At the end of article download the Loonies Admint program with all superstructures at the link. By means of this free utility you will be able to configure autostart. It is necessary because if it not to clean, then in it a large number of unnecessary programs which part will spend traffic can be formed. Start the application and open Process Manager. Before you there will be a list of the programs which are started together with the Windows system. Disconnect those which are connected with the applications installed in the Program Files folder then reboot.

2. The golden rule of maximum speed both when loading, and at web surfing is the lack of third-party applications which can reduce loading speed. Therefore never start downloading along with web surfing or two downloadings at the same time. For achievement of maximum speed of loading when using the manager install for it the maximum priority and download according to one file. If it is necessary to download several files, install them in queue. When using a torrent turn off restriction on speed for loading and also set maximum speed for return in one kilobit per second.

3. For the fastest web surfing use the Turbo mode in the Opera browser. With its help you will be able to save up to fifty percent of traffic. Economy is reached because information before sending for your computer at first passes through the proxy server where it contracts, and only after that is redirected on your PC. If speed is insufficient for you, and you do not need to work with stream video, use the Opera mini browser – in this case you will save up to ninety percent of traffic. However keep in mind that initially this browser was intended for mobile phones therefore for work with it you will need java the emulator.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team