How to increase the speed of the Internet in the Vista system

How to increase the speed of the Internet in the Vista system

Nothing so enrages as slowly loaded pages of the websites. You need urgently to check mail, to look at exchange rates or to learn the latest news, and the websites as ill luck would have it hesitate, appearing on the screen in parts — at first the menu, then advertizing banners, the background drawing... Slow speed of the Internet is not only wine of provider. Partly speed of loading of pages depends on settings of a system and the main Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.


1. First of all it is necessary to turn off loading of excess multimedia files. For this purpose in the Internet Explorer browser click a menu item "Service", then "Internet Options", "In addition" and view the offered list. Disconnect all unnecessary elements, having removed ticks opposite to names.

2. Check whether automatic saving already loaded files is enabled. Pass in the General tab and look whether the tick opposite to the Delete the Log of the Observer at an Output point is not necessary. Then click "Parameters" about this point and configure storage of temporary files of the Internet as it will be convenient to you.

3. Delete all excess programs which can occupy a part of an Internet channel or spend system resources from automatic loading. All working programs usually are displayed in a tray — area of a task bar near hours. All started processes can be browsed in a task manager (right-click on a task bar and select the corresponding item in the menu). However you should not delete processes, without knowing for sure what they are intended for — it will lead to the emergency system shutdown.

4. Check the computer for viruses. Quite often computers are surprised viruses which block Internet access of other programs. Use an effective antivirus and in due time update it. If you keep the operating system in an order, not to overload random access memory with abundance of programs and not to allow hit in the system of a virus, the speed of the Internet will be limited only to opportunities of hardware and conditions of a data plan.

5. In general it is possible to tell that increase in speed depends on many factors, however generally everything depends on provider who provides services therefore try to connect the most optimum rates for the computer that in the subsequent not to have problems during the work on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team