How to increase the speed of the Internet on modems Beeline

How to increase the speed of the Internet on modems Beeline

One of types of Internet access is access by means of gprs-connection. There is a possibility of installation of this connection both by means of connection of the mobile phone, and by means of the special gprs-modem. In both cases the speed of loading of pages often leaves much to be desired. But there is an opportunity it to correct - it is necessary to use one of easy ways only. It concerns any operator and Beeline, and on modems of MTS, Megafon and also many others can be used with success both on modems.


1. Use anonymizers. The anonymizer - special service which allows to browse the blocked addresses on the Internet, using a proxy the server. Among pluses of use of this way - the fact that there is a possibility of such setup in which ""heavy"" elements - java and flash and also pictures, will be blocked even before transfer on your computer. It is possible even if your browser does not support shutdown of these elements.

2. To increase speed, use services of specialized proxy servers which lower the volume of the incoming traffic. The mechanism of work same, as well as in the previous case, however these services, to all other, squeeze traffic volume in principle, regardless of contents. Separate paid and free services, their difference is that in free services the speed of processing of request 10 times less.

3. If you do not want to suffer with redirects, use the specialized Opera mini browser. In this case, you need to download and install specialized Java emulator which will allow you to start Java applications. Install the Opera mini browser then in settings turn off loading of the pictures and other elements which are not relating to a text part of the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team