How to increase the speed of the mobile Internet

How to increase the speed of the mobile Internet

The mobile Internet allows to connect to the web in any point which is in a cover zone of the operator. However it has also a number of shortcomings among which there is rather low speed. For its increase you can use one of easy ways.


1. At implementation of web surfing configure the browser in such a way that the quantity of the elements loaded together with information will be minimum. In settings turn off loading of pictures and also java and flash of applications. You can also use the specialized Opera mini browser. Initially it was developed for use on cell phones therefore you will need the Java installation of the emulator. The specifics of work of Opera Mini are that before sending information for your computer it passes it previously via the proxy server, squeeze and only after that direct to your computer. Using it, you will save up to eighty percent of traffic. You can also turn off loading of pictures and applications, thereby having minimized quantity of traffic.

2. When loading the file with use of a download manager turn off all processes which can affect the operating Internet connection. Disconnect a torrent clients, other download managers and also messengers and an antivirus. Close the applications which are in the Explorer bar and also in a tray and check this operation, having started a task manager and having opened a tab of processes. Do not start the application before completion of loading.

3. When downloading the file with use a torrent client follow the recommendations stated in the previous step. Besides, configure the application for ensuring maximum speed for specific downloading. Expose restriction on the number of at the same time loaded files - no more than one file and also restriction on return speed. For this purpose select the file list and click it the right mouse button. In a drop-down menu make necessary settings of speed of return and also turn off restriction on loading speed if it is available. Install the maximum priority for the operating loadings and do not start the applications using connection to network before completion of loading.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team