How to increase the speed of the mobile modem

How to increase the speed of the mobile modem

The main plus of the mobile Internet is the possibility of access to the network in any point which is in a cover zone of mobile network operator. However often speed at the same time leaves much to be desired, and any program using connection to network and not being priority can significantly slow down it.


1. For maximizing possible speed of the mobile Internet it is necessary to optimize Internet connection in such a way that the number of the processes affecting the operating Internet connection will be minimum. Actions which should be undertaken depend on a type of activity which is the most priority.

2. Loading the file by means of a download manager, configure it in such a way that its work will have the highest precedence. Set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to one. Besides, disconnect everything other download managers, previously having stopped loadings. Disconnect a torrent client, having checked its closing through a task manager. Open a tab of processes and make sure that, the processes relating to the closed applications are complete.

3. When downloading with the help the torrent client is recommended to give the maximum priority to the operating loadings and also to lift the available limits on speed if they are. Select all files which are both on loading, and on distribution and right-click on them. In a drop-down menu expose the maximum priority for loadings and also lift limits if they are available. Besides, disconnect all programs which affect the operating Internet connection, following the recommendations specified in the previous step.

4. For the fastest web surfing use of the Opera mini web browser is optimum. Basic we will distinguish this browser the method of its work is. Information loaded on your computer passes previously through the server where it contracts, losing up to eighty percent from initial weight. You can also turn off loading of pictures and java of elements, thereby having minimized page weight. Initially this browser intended for mobile phones therefore you will need the Java installation of the emulator. Besides, it is necessary to follow the recommendations stated in the previous steps.

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