How to increase the speed of the unlimited tariff

How to increase the speed of the unlimited tariff

The unlimited Internet - the most convenient way of connection to network. When using data plans without restriction on traffic you can work in network almost round the clock. For increase in speed you can use one of several simple options.


1. Connection speed decides on network by three factors: your data plan, in take-up rate of the channel of access for your operator and also the number of the programs which are at the same time using connection to network from your computer. For significant increase in speed you can change a data plan, for this purpose contact representative office of your provider and request the list of the fastest existing offers. For optimization of Internet traffic you pass to the following step.

2. When loading files with use of a download manager first of all it is necessary to minimize the number of the programs involving the existing connection to network. Messengers, other download managers and also the torrent clients and programs downloading updates belong to their number. Disconnect as those which are in the Explorer bar, and those which are in a tray. Check their shutdown by means of a task manager.

3. During the work about a torrent client configure the program in such a way that the maximum number of simultaneous loadings will be equal to one. For this purpose either change application controls or suspend all loadings except that which is the most priority at the moment. Select all loadings then right-click on them and in a drop-down menu turn off restrictions on loading speed. Also expose restriction on return in such a way that its maximum speed will be equal to one kilobit per second.

4. For maximizing speed of loading of pages at implementation of web surfing it is necessary to disconnect all third-party applications, following the recommendations stated in the second step. Also, configure the browser in such a way that pictures, by flash and java applications will not be loaded. When loading the page these elements quite often occupy large volume therefore for maximizing speed of loading it is necessary to disconnect them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team