How to increase the speed of the wire Internet

How to increase the speed of the wire Internet

When using a dedicated line for Internet access, consider that the maximum and minimum speed of connection depends only on your access statement to the Internet. You can only maximize or minimize effective load balancing of the channel depending on a sort of the activity now. To increase the speed of those actions which you need to make now use one of ways which are simple for carrying out.


1. First of all, use function of shutdown of demonstration of pictures in the browser. In this case you increase the speed of loading of pages several times because page bulk is occupied, as a rule, by pictures. Also, disconnect flash and Java support - in this case the speed of loading of Internet pages will be maximum. Do not forget to turn off the operating loadings.

2. To increase loading speed, use settings of a download manager. Maximize a priority of downloadings at the moment and use the browser as little as possible. Remember that the more Internet connections at you is present at an asset, the more slowly there will be a loading. Suspend all loadings which go in the background, that which is the most necessary to you now will not be completed yet.

3. When using a torrent client, it is also necessary to expose a priority of downloadings to a maximum. If you want to increase the speed of downloadings, but not returns, install coefficient of compliance of downloadings and returns to a minimum, also expose the maximum speed of the return equal to one kilobit per second. If at you several downloadings work, leave one which is most important now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team