How to insert a card into a forum

How to insert a card into a forum

In days of a boom of social networks the forums still remain relevant. And if the social network is the whole world, then communication at a forum is similar to a warm sit-round gathering with friends in a domestic gazebo. Sometimes there is a strong wish to please the friends with the beautiful cards inserted into a post or the answer.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet, browser, image.


1. At the moment the majority of forums has visual editors of posts and comments on them into which it is rather simple to insert the image (card). Start the editor of posts or comments clicking of the Create a Subject or answer button. In the editor select and click an image insert icon. Load the image file on a forum, write the text of the message and click "send". Your message with the image will appear in a post or the comment at a forum.

2. Owners of some forums, not to overload the websites with excess images, turn off function of loading of images at a forum. In such cases the image on a forum can be inserted by means of BB codes, previously having loaded it on a hosting of images and then in a post or the comment by means of VV-of the code to insert the image. For example: [img = the signature to the image] http://прямая the link to the image [/img]. Usually VV-codes are universal for all forums, but however can have difference on some of them. Therefore attentively read the guide to VV - to codes at your forum.

3. If the administration of a forum allows to insert in posts the image by means of HTML, then insert the image the following HTML code: <img src= "" pryamaya_ssylka_k a _faylu_izobrazheniye"" alt= "" the signature to the image"">. By means of the additional width and height attributes you will be able to specify width and picture height in pixels. For example the code <img src= "" pryamaya_ssylka_k a _faylu_izobrazheniye"" alt= "" the signature to the image of"" width= "" 500""> means that the image will have width in 500 pixels (at the same time picture height is adjusted automatically, depending on its proportions). If to specify both width and picture height, then there can be distortions therefore it is the best of all to specify or only picture width, or its height.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team