How to insert a cover into iTunes

How to insert a cover into iTunes

After a while after acquisition of any given gadget of Apple the buyer gets acquainted with such program as iTunes. With its help it is possible to bring order to musical files, having spread out everything on albums and having sorted by performers, and also to create for itself beautifully issued media library.


1. If you are not registered in iTunes yet, download the program from the official site of Apple and install on your computer. To simplify further process of attachment of covers to files, be engaged at first in the organization of all musical library. Try to select the necessary tracks, delete what you do not listen to, spread out everything on albums. For separate tracks you can create the folder, and then throw off them in it.

2. So, load the albums sorted according to folders into iTunes. By the way, it is more convenient to load not all files at once, and an album behind an album. Add music, having just drawn it in a program window. Besides, you can click the File menu, and then click on the column "Add the Folder to a Media Library". There is no basic difference between two of these ways. Use what is simplest for you.

3. After adding of musical albums be engaged in setup of their external design. For example, you can arrange them on a grid, arrange on a genre, year, the name or rating, in decreasing order or increases.

4. For editing names of performers, albums and many other use the special program or carry out this process manually. It should be noted that work with the program considerably will reduce setup time. If you selected the second way, then open iTunes, click the file with the right mouse button and select the section "Information". In it fill necessary fields.

5. After adding of musical files and signing of tags you will see completely created albums on a program desktop. They will lack only a cover. Now you can arrive in two ways. When choosing the first all work for you will be made by iTunes, that is it will automatically pick up covers, being guided by the data on albums and performers specified by you. All design will be downloaded in this case from the official site of the program. However for this purpose you should have a registration in a system. Carry out an input in click "Load Covers". Besides, covers can be downloaded independently from the Internet. Insert them, having clicked with the right button an album, having selected the line "Information", and then the Cover tab.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team