How to insert a flash banner on the website

How to insert a flash banner on the website

The flash banner is posted on the website almost in precisely the same way, as well as normal graphic. It is necessary to perform several simple operations to insert a flash banner into the HTML-code of the page of a resource.


1. Load a flash banner on the website server. Make it with the help the file manager which is in the hosting control panel. The FTP client is the simplest to use the special program under the name. It is possible to download it, but it is necessary to perform tunings. For this purpose it is necessary to learn passwords and the addresses of the FTP server in technical support of a hosting. Therefore for movement of files between the server and your computer it is better to use the file manager. If the advertiser stores files of banners on own servers, miss this step.

2. Prepare the code to insert it on the page of the website. Usually the advertiser in addition to a banner provides the HTML-code which is necessary for display of a banner on the page. The code can be as in pure form, and the inserted sample in the page. In the latter case it is necessary to open the page with the HTML or htm extension in the text editor and to find a part of the code. It with <begins object classid, and comes to an end </object.

3. Compare in the code the banner address to the code in which you placed the file having permission of swf. If they do not match, change the file in the code. As a rule, it is necessary to make it in two places:

<param name= "" movie"" – in value of value= """" enter your address;
<embed –"" specify the same address in value of src= "".

Select all code and copy it.

4. Further open the source code of the page which is selected for placement of a banner. It is the simplest to make it in the website control panel in the editor of pages. Open the panel of administration and find the page necessary to you, further you will select html editing mode – there is it in the upper right corner of editing the page near the mode of visual editing.

5. Open the source code of the page and find that place in which you want to place a banner. Further insert the code copied early. Now you needed only to save changes. If you loaded the page from the server – load it back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team