How to insert a smilie into Skype

How to insert a smilie into Skype

Communication via Skype has some differences from a normal conversation. Also it is expressed, first of all, that it is not always possible to transfer all the emotions and semantic shades of told. However there is a possibility of correction of such defect by means of usual smilies.


1. Skype initially contains a set of these pictures which there are seventy two pieces. With their help it is possible to characterize in addition the mood at the moment. But, sometimes, even such quantity of smiles happens insufficiently. To increase the available base of pictures in Skype, it is necessary to specify, first of all, the version of this program existing at you at the moment. For this purpose start Skype, look at data.

2. If on any the reason in the interface information is hidden, in such a way it was not succeeded to clear a situation, then a left mouse button click "Start-up". After that select the option "Programs", and then find the folder in which there is your Skype. Start the browser which is available for you.

3. Activate any search engine where in the search string set the corresponding parameters, namely "download smiles for Skype …". Instead of dots specify the version of your program of message exchange. Select the archive interesting you from the dropped-out list and download it. Do not forget to check it by means of the antivirus software to avoid possible infection of your computer with malicious codes.

4. Then right-click on archive and select the option "Extract in the Current Folder". On the screen of the monitor there will be a directory in which there will be a new set of smilies. Now copy the folder with this set which then insert into that folder which contains your program of message exchange. In this specific case it is about Skype.

5. Start Skype. If all of you made correctly, then on the Skins/icons or Interface tab will be visible to the menu list from which it is necessary to select a new set of smiles and to confirm the actions by clicking of the OK button. The last that needed to be made, it to restart Skype.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team