How to insert a sound on the website

How to insert a sound on the website

To insert a sound on the website, it is necessary to have an idea of the HTML programming language (HyperText Markup Language). Some webmasters want the visitor, having visited the website, to hear a pleasant background music or the calming noise of a surf. In it there is nothing bad. However it is necessary to know that there is also copyright which cannot be violated.

It is required to you

  • Knowledge of language of creation of WEB DOCUMENTS - HTML.


1. One of the easiest ways to upload a sound in the MP3 format to the site is to create a new HTML page. Only keep in mind that not all browsers can correctly react. For example, in Internet Explorer this method approaches, for some other browsers it is necessary to use the Flash-player.

2. Between tags insert the following code: <bgsound src= "" file"" balance= "" number"" loop= "" number"" volume= "" number"">. Now with it it is necessary to carry out several simple manipulations. For this purpose you should know interpretation of components of this code.

3. Src is path to the sound file. That it is correct to set it, load the song.mp3 file into a root folder of your website. For example, your website - www.имя.ru. You load the song.mp3 file into a root folder, then the absolute path will be - http://www.имя.ru/song.mp3. The way of loading of files in a root folder depends on at what platform your website works.

4. Balance regulates balance of a sound between the left and right columns. You can insert an integer from-10000 to 10000. If you put in a line of balance= "" 0"", then the balance of volume in both columns will be identical. Positive numbers increase volume in the right column, and negative — respectively in left.

5. The loop value shows how many times will be played the musical file. Value of loop= "" 0"" once plays the file,-1 plays back music until the current web page is open. Any whole positive number the set number of times will force your browser to play the selected sound file.

6. Volume sets the volume of sounding of the file. You can set an integer from-10000 to 0 where zero corresponds to the maximum volume of playback. Try to experiment a little with values of the above parameters, and at you surely it will turn out to configure an optimal variant.

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