How to insert the card on the website

How to insert the card on the website

From time to time any webmaster has a requirement of placement on the website of own card showing arrangement of any given object in the city and explaining rules of driving through any route. The chance of such placement is given, for example, by popular service Yandex.Maps. This service will allow you quickly and to easily create the available and bright card.


1. Use the registration for or register for obtaining the new account on service.

2. After passing of registration come into the Cards tab, you will see the Create, Viewing and Code for an Insert buttons.

3. First of all you need to create the card. Begin to apply on it the necessary elements, objects, hints and lines and also assignment points. With it you will be helped by instruments of formatting of the card which you will see in the same window in the upper left corner.

4. When the card is ready, press the Viewing button, you will see the card in the form in which it will be posted on your website. If in ready option something does not suit you, you at any time will be able to return to editing and to correct defects.

5. Now you have everything to place the card on the page of the website, press The Code for an Insert button then the system will issue you the ready code for an insert on the website. Copy the received code and place it in that place of a resource where you want to see the ready card.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team