How to insert the link into the comment

How to insert the link into the comment

The link to a third-party resource can be specified not only in the main message of a resource. The readers referring to additional sources can also leave the addresses of external resources. Means of execution of links with rare exception match.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.


1. The simplest way of execution of the link in the comment – copying from an address bar. Click on a line that the link became active and was at the same time selected. Right-click and in the appeared menu choose the copying command. It is possible to replace this procedure, having keyed at the same time "Ctrl+C". Do not pay attention to the current layout.

2. Insert the link in the field of the comment. Supplement with information on a source that the mention of the foreign website did not seem spam or attempt of provocation.

3. If the field of creation of comments means presence of the HTML-editor, use special tags. It is especially relevant if the link holds several places (for example, you want to share the file from the free file hosting service). In that case you can encrypt the link a word or two. HTML tags of the link will look so: <href= "" jump address""> text of the link </a>. When clicking a link will be opened in the current window.

4. If it is necessary for you that the current window also remained open when clicking the link, issue the link other tegia. For example, in that case the new page will open in a new window: <href= "" address of"" target= "" _blank""> text of your link </a>.

5. In the presence of free time and desire issue the link additional resources. For example, following tag: <href= "" address of"" target= "" _blank"" of style= "" color: green; text-decoration: underline;""> <span style= "" color: blue;""> the text of the link </span> </a> - allows to manage color of text and underlining of the link. In a specific case the green text and blue underlining will turn out. You can replace colors if necessary, add underlining by a stroke or a dot-dash line, - a word, nothing limits your imagination.

6. If the owner of a resource limited adding of links in comments, such embellishments will not pass. Give the direct reference it will not turn out, but it is possible to code it. Instead of one of characters write its name, it is possible in brackets and through spaces. Example: www (point) of kak-Prosto (point) ru.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team