How to insert the picture into a post

How to insert the picture into a post

Long ago it is noticed that from two posts of a news feed more attention is drawn by that text which is followed by the image. It is quite simple to add the picture to a post, for this purpose it is not necessary to be the specialist in the field of web-design.

It is required to you

  • - file with the image;
  • - browser;
  • - Semagic program.


1. If you decided to lay out a post with the picture from the account on LiveJournal service, you can be helped by the Semagic program. Start this program and type the text of a post. Enter post heading in the field for heading if it is necessary.

2. For an insert, actually, of the picture you will need the direct reference on the image which you are going to add to a post. If you want to share with own hand taken picture, load it into one of photo albums of the account in social network or on a photohosting. You can use one of free photohostings which do not require registration for loading of images.

3. Open the loaded image in the full size and click on it the right mouse button. If in a context menu there is a Properties of the Image point, click on this point. Copy the image address from the Address field. For this purpose select the address and click the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

4. It can turn out so that in a context menu there will be no Properties of the Image point. It can happen if you open the photo loaded into an album of social network Facebook. In this case copy the address from an address bar of the browser, open a new tab in the browser, insert the copied address into its address bar and click the ENTER key. In the context menu which opened on click on the photo in this tab there has to be a Properties of the Image point. Copy the picture address from a window of these properties.

5. In the Semagic window install the pointer of the cursor to that place where there will be an image. Press the Insert the Link/image button. Select an option "Image" in the opened window. Insert the copied image address in the field "Address" and click OK.

6. Check correctness of display of the picture, having clicked the Preview button. If the result of viewing suits you, add tags, configure the access level of record and press the Send to the Log button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team