How to insert the picture into the description of community

Successfully selected picture will draw attention to your community and the number of persons interested will increase to enter it. The image can be changed, edited and deleted. Thematic or just beautiful picture - it depends only on a profile of group and your mood.


1. You can insert the picture at once during creation of community or add to already existing and also replace if you do not accept old. Keep in mind that to replace the picture in community which was created not by you most likely it will not turn out. Only heads and creators of group have such opportunities.

2. If you are only going to create community (group) VKontakte, begin with your personal page. Come into the profile and in the menu find "My groups" at the left. If such link at you is not visible, click "My settings" — the lowermost button.

3. On the My Settings page you will see the General tab. In the first list ("Additional services") note what you would like to see in the menu at the left - check a window "My groups".

4. Return on the page. To create new community, pass in the section "My Groups" and press the button in the upper right corner - "Create community". In the appeared window set the name of community and also select suitable type of group from the list.

5. Now you the full owner of the community can also do with it anything. Within reasonable, of course. Select the picture for drawing attention. Such that to you there were people with similar interests or interested in cooperation with you. Or what is pleasant to you if you do not pursue specific goals and your community is created for acquaintance and communication with adherents. Selected?

6. Through the page open the section "My Groups" and select that to which you are going to deliver the picture from the list. In the upper right corner you will see the inscription "Load the Photo". Click on this link, and by means of a pop-up window put any image from those which you have in the computer. If you want to put the picture from the Internet, just at first save it to the hard drive or a flash card.

7. If you want to replace or delete the bothered picture in the group, open group through the page as it is described above. In the menu on the right you will see several lines: "Management of community", "Change the photo", etc. Click "Change the photo" and then you will be able easily to delete or replace the picture.

8. Pay attention that these and other settings of community (group) will be available to all heads. If you do not want in the community created by you someone to have the right to change the picture, do not appoint heads and/or degrade already available.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team