How to insert the signature

How to insert the signature

Execution of the signature at a forum allows to display in it not only text messages, but also graphic documents and also links to certain resources.

It is required to you

  • The PC, Internet access, the account at a forum.


1. All forums existing today on the Internet provide a possibility of execution of the signature for the user. Everyone can place in it a certain text, references to resources, graphics, having set at the same time the corresponding parameters in settings. In execution of the signature BB codes are used and if to leave the link at a forum, the standard code which is identical for each resource is used, then graphics is made out in individual parameters of each forum.

2. To issue the signature for the profile, you need to enter on a forum under the user name. After authorization come into the section "My Office" (also it can be designated as: "My profile", "User profile") also pass into the section "Setup". Here you will see the Edit the Signature menu – having clicked the link, start its design.

3. If you want to enter a certain text, just write it in the field for the signature and save settings. If you want to issue the link in the signature, your message should look as follows: [url= link] text of the link [/url]. In that case in your signature the text of the link when clicking which, users will pass to the set resource will be displayed. To insert into the signature of the image, look through the section "The Help on a Forum". It is quite probable that a similar opportunity at a forum is not provided.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team