How to insert Yandex Map on the website

How to insert Yandex Map on the website

Yandex Map insert on the website – very convenient function allowing the potential client to avoid need to try to discover path to the advertized organization independently. The card can easily be placed both on a large resource, and on the one-page website business card.

Pluses of Yandex Map are that there is an opportunity to select dynamic option. That is, it will be not just the image taking a point (organization) and several nearby streets, and the working tool allowing to change the scale and to build routes. Such option is much more convenient for the visitor of the website and at once increases percent of positive perception of image of the company.




Before making to the owner of the website available the card tool, Yandex asks to register. Process simple also takes no more couple of minutes. After that under the login and the password it is necessary to come into the section "Maps" ( The opened page will be called "API Yandex.Maps".


Further work will require an API key. To receive it, it is necessary to click the link "Receive an API Key" at the left at the bottom of the page in the graph to "Developers". After that there is a small registration form of the project (website) after which filling and adoption of terms of service (to honor of Yandex it is necessary to tell that it is not so big and it is quite read), the system gives a unique identifier, it is an API key.

Creation and editing card

Together with the identifier API, Yandex provides ready HTML code which inserts on the website Yandex Map in its standard view (that is, on it there is no necessary organization yet). Necessary changes are made in the Designer of Cards tab. The address is entered into the line "Find the Place on the Card", further it is necessary to click "find". The card selects the necessary house and gives a window where it is possible to add all necessary information (for example "our office is on the third floor").

Having specified the parameters characterizing the selected house as the address necessary for the client and having clicked "OK", it is possible to select the scale of the card and its type (static or interactive). Except other, the interface allows to add other objects on the same card, to designate the location map, etc. As a result, Yandex gives new HTML code at which insert on the website there is just created card.

The card can be inserted into any comfortable section of the website. Sometimes it becomes on the place of blocks for advertizing which too often are placed by means of HTML code. For the experienced developer it is possible, and beginners can use the ready templates of the websites having special blocks under an insert of objects of HTML.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team