How to install a chat script

How to install a chat script

Scripts of a chat are one of the most popular programs for the website. He allows to create the communication environment online. Scripts of PHP chats are most often used, however there are programs written on Flash and other programming languages.

It is required to you

  • - chat script;
  • - hosting;
  • - FTP manager.


1. Load or get the necessary script of a chat on one of the resources devoted to web programming. You can install a script of PHP or Perl practically on any hosting while ASP are supported by not all providers. When loading pay attention to application type whether this script works with files or saves all data in a DB.

2. Extract the loaded script in a directory of your local server. If you do not have that, then you can install one of the free XAMMP or Denwer programs. It will help to make setup and debugging before loading on a hosting. After installation attentively read the readme file which should go complete with your script.

3. Open the browser and enter the local address to your application (http://localhost/папка_разархивированного_скрипта). The most difficult programs have the installer that simplifies setup. Start the install.php file and follow instructions which appear in a window of your browser, previously having created the corresponding database (Create a DB point) in PhpMyAdmin. In the absence of this file the script can be started in a window of your observer at once, however make sure that you configured all its settings in the corresponding files (in readme all files which need to be changed before start are specified).

4. If everything works and is displayed correctly, then begin loading of your decompressed script on a hosting through the FTP manager (it is possible to use Total Commander or CuteFTP). Via the panel create the database and make settings in the necessary files. The chat is installed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team