How to install a flash game on the website

How to install a flash game on the website

Rather often the simple games, a coloring, quizzes executed on a flash technology are posted on the personal websites. It is not difficult to make it - to have enough an opportunity to edit the source code of pages of the web resource and the HTML-code which should display a flash roller. The file of a game at the same time is necessary not always.


1. It is the simplest to install a flash game on the website, having picked up on the Internet the website which is focused on it - distribution of own games to networks. Advantage of this way is that you receive already ready HTML-code which will need only to be inserted into pages of the resource. For example, pass to the website and pick up the most suitable game in the directory. Having loaded the page allocated for it, find in the lower part the inscription "to play on the website deliver yourself the code of a game:" and the text box placed under it with the HTML-code. Click this field and click the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to place it in a clipboard of the computer. Then open the source code of that page of the website in which you want to place a game for editing, insert copied (Ctrl + V) and save the changed page.

2. The flash game of the website given above as an example are stored on its own server, but the resources not everything extending games make so. Sometimes happens it is necessary to download the swf-file from the page and to load on the server, and before a HTML-code insert in the page to make corresponding changes to it. It is the simplest to load the file saved in the computer using the file manager of a management system of your website. After that find in the HTML-code of a mention of the file with the swf extension - them can be one or two. In both places replace the file address own, previously having checked it. For check insert URL into an address bar of the browser and click Enter - a flash game it has to be loaded though, perhaps, and not in those sizes which will be then are used in your page. Insert the code edited in such a way into the source code of the page and save changes.

3. More difficult games taking into account points, registration of users, payment of prizes and other "frills" use the database in the work. It is possible to install such game only having some qualification or detailed instructions. Besides, it is possible to become the partner of some paid service - some of them offer installation of games on your website similar to the way described in the first step. In this case you will find detailed installation instructions in the control panel of the account after registration in this system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team