How to install a script on the server

How to install a script on the server

Any webmaster should face installation of executable programs on the server. Having found a suitable script, not always it turns out debug and "fasten" it to own website at once at once. For this purpose it is necessary to make sure that installation was carried out completely correctly.

It is required to you

  • - PHP script,
  • - the configured Apache,
  • - FTP client,
  • - hosting.


1. After downloading of the stranger or writing of own PHP a script it is necessary to make sure that settings of the server allow to use it completely. Many large scripts are supplied with a special installer which helps to check the server installed on a host and compliance to its necessary program items. Also, for lack of an installer, requirements to a hosting register in the readme file which is in one archive with the .php files.

2. Further it is necessary to debug a script on own local server where preparation of all website is carried out. For this purpose it is enough to put files in any separate folder of a directory htdocs (if Apache is installed). If the script is started correctly, then it is possible to prepare it for loading on the server. Otherwise it will be necessary to make changes to the code of the program.

3. Many scripts use MySQL therefore previously, before start, it is necessary to create the corresponding DB through Phpmyadmin, or any other control panel. Further a name and the password to a DB and also the login of access MySQL, it is necessary to specify in the configuration file of the program.

4. Then it is necessary to start FTP the client for loading of a script on the server. For this purpose the Total Commander programs, or CuteFTP are often used. Often many hosters provide own online services on loading of files.

5. Having entered the necessary FTP settings given after registration of a hosting it is possible to pass into htdocs directory (or www, depending on setup of the server) and "fill in" the script. The procedure of creation of the database, naturally, should be repeated, as well as to update the configuration file of the program if, of course, these localhost and servers differ.

6. Then the address to a script is entered into an address bar of the browser. If everything works correctly, then installation can be considered finished.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team